Tips for Interior Design Asymmetric

Interior Design – design a house using an asymmetrical pattern can be said to be much more challenging than the Desain rumah symmetrical pattern. This is due to the complexity of some of the things that must be done in regard asymmetrical composition of home design. For example starting from doing a mix of home furnishings, harmonizing colors, to display accessories and ornaments on the walls of your home.
Here is a description of tips designed the interior home design:

  1. You need to install the floor of the house by using a diagonal pattern. This is done to make it more dynamic. You can also install the tiles with a pattern of vertical and horizontal. But with such patterns will show a stiff impression.
  2. Begin to pay attention to the condition of the rooms in your house design from various angles. Only after that you can determine the focal point as what be used. For example some furniture such as tables, cabinets, and so forth. You can start making the arrangement design of your home from the focal point of this section.
  3. In terms of design for home furnishings in the room asymmetric generally have the same identical shape although the details differ. You need to put stuff adjust of the furniture with the proper arrangement. With regard to the record balance. For example, you can put the sofa or chair the same color or at least with colors similar to a living room or family room.
  4. In terms of the layout of the furniture would be nice if it were made while maintaining their focal point in order to remain dominant. One of the tricks is by placing any existing furniture around the focal point and exposed toward the focal point.
  5. In general the room at home with asymmetric design houses more use of color with the intention of causing a dynamic impression. Harmonization color should still be maintained despite using paint mixed. Despite their diversity, the paint colors used are also not to have a color difference so far. So that the atmosphere of home design into a harmony of color, you need to adjust the paint with similar color and rhythm.
  6. Specifically in the wall of the house, you can give a touch of paint in various colors. Especially the paint with bright color as an accent color. For example, such as yellow, orange, sea blue, and palem green.
  7. Furthermore Showing these colors together with a neutral colored paint so happens blend of harmonious colors.
  8. In the concept of asymmetrical interior home design, you can also add an icon to the carpet as a means of enhancing the comfort in your home. We recommend that you choose a carpet with oval and round shapes. You also can choose a carpet with a carpet square shape with an asymmetrical pattern design in order to preserve dynamism in the room.
  9. Asymmetric impression can also be caused by presenting accessories with unique and interesting shapes. The trick is to put accessories on each corner that was not previously suspected. This is necessary so that the charm of accessories can come out so strongly. Accessories can be added to the form of sculptures, crafts, or different type of furniture is unique. The excellent accessories for the interior design of the house with an asymmetrical pattern. You can also add a wide variety of textures good to support the beauty of the interior design of your home asymmetrical.

So a few tips for designing asymmetrical interior design that has generally been done by many people. You can add multiple points other than those described in this article from a variety of sources. Hopefully this article useful and good design your home according to what you want!

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